May 7, 2021

Jedward: GaGa Has Given Us Dancing Lessons For Our Scottish Tour

POP duo Jedward have been taking dance lessons from Lady Gaga before their Scottish tour gigs.

Gaga was in Dublin to play three shows at the O2 Arena last week.

She took time out from her shows to put Irish twins John and Edward Grimes, who shot to fame on last year’s X Factor, through their paces.

They will perform their version of the American singer’s smash hit Poker Face on their tour.

Speaking exclusively to the Razz, Edward said: “We met Lady Gaga on Friday night. She is also here recording her new album.

“We have met her twice before. We were talking about her outfits.

“We had to leave after the concert because everybody spotted us. During the show, people were shouting ‘Jedward, Jedward’.

“She was with Ginger Spice, who she says is her favourite Spice Girl. Gaga also told us our spiky hair is cool.”

John added: “Lady Gaga teaching us the dance moves for Poker Face is crazy. She’s the coolest pop star on the planet right now.”

Source:/Daily Record UK/