June 20, 2021

Jennifer Lopez feels “lucky” to have songs written by GaGa

Jennifer Lopez, who has recently worked with Lady GaGa’s producer “Red One” has said that GaGa inspires her musically, however, you won’t catch her wearing any Lady GaGa-esque clothing any time soon.

Lopez’s latest album features two songs which Lady GaGa wrote and speaking to MTV News she said:

“I love her sense off lyric and melody. I feel like she’s very interesting. It’s just not something you’re gonna hear every day. I really love the records she worked on and was glad to be able to take those and make them my own and actually have that collaboration with her. I feel very lucky to have done that.”

Speaking about GaGa’s wardrobe she said: “You can’t copy or do anything like that – it just becomes weird – but if you’re true to yourself and push your own boundaries and your limits, you can’t help but come out with something great.”
Shame, would you like to see Jennifer Lopez parading around in a meat dress?