May 9, 2021

Kiss Want Lady Gaga To Join The Band

Gene Simmons says Lady Gaga is the most exciting thing to happen in music since his own band, Kiss.

Gene Simmons wants Lady Gaga to join his band Kiss.

The bass player is a huge fan of the flamboyant singer, and says she reminds him of himself when he was younger.

Kiss are famed for their outrageous stage shows and for covering their faces in black and white make-up. Simmons insists they are the trailblazers of Gaga’s look. She is renowned for her outlandish dress sense, often donning underwear for an evening out and wearing skin-tight lace veils to cover her face.

“She’s not Lady Gaga, she’s really Lady Kiss,” Gene said. “I love the vibe, the big mouth and the big visuals. She’s the most exciting thing to happen since us. She’s a female version of us.”