April 23, 2021

Lady GaGa As A Runway Model, Out In Toronto, Out In Paris & More…

We apologize for the lack of image updates, but we were paying attention into the making of Monster On Stage project, that has been finally launched..We took the time to update our gallery with the latest hires from different events.Check below:


Lady GaGa spotted out in Paris, visiting the MAXIM's restaurant after the Thierry Mugler fashion show! (March 2)


Lady GaGa makes her debut as a runway model, for womenswear season of Thierry Mugler fashion show! (March 2)


Lady GaGa was caught two days ago out in Toronto.She didnt forget to sign autographs and take some pics with fans. (March 4)


Lady GaGa arrives outside Thierry Mugler's fashion house, to get prepared for her runway debut. (March 2)


Images Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/