July 29, 2021

Lady Gaga At Costume Institute Gala

Click the picture above, to view more images from yesterday’s stunning perfomance!

There were a number of factors that surprised us about Lady Gaga’s Costume Institute Gala performance…

First, baring in mind that this is the fashion world’s biggest bash of the year, the Lady eschewed the red carpet, not appearing until her big stage moment.

Never one to miss the opportunity to don a scene-stealing frock, we were left contemplating what the Lady might have pulled out of her ever-eccentric style bag for the occasion.

Next, while a bejewelled nude catsuit might be daring ware for many a starlet, for Gaga it almost seemed low-key. Even her hair could be considered uncharacteristically normal, with not a hairpiece in sight, she opted for long blonde middle-parted locks.

And although those jewel-encrusted booties might be towering, they are no McQueen Armadillos, are they?

Source:/Marie Claire.co.uk/