May 8, 2021

Lady GaGa At ITV Studios To Perform For “Graham Norton’ Show

Lady Gaga was spotted wearing a rather stylish white circular dress with black sleeves and veil, at The Graham Norton Show in London on Thursday to tape an interview with the impish Irish TV host.


The Graham Norton Show, it's a hilarious talk show that airs on BBC in the UK and on BBC America.GaGa's interview and performance will air in the UK on May 13, and in the U.S. on May 21.


However stay tuned on Dream Of Gaga as video players with the 'Judas' & 'Born This Way' performances and interview of Lady Gaga on the show…


Meanwhile check some amazing pictures of Lady GaGa during her show on Graham Norton's talk show, that will be up on Dream Of Gaga very soon…Click HERE! (Thanks for these images)