June 20, 2021

‘Lady Gaga Biopic’ For Lifetime, In The Works

Lifetime is developing a biopic on Lady GaGa. The network is obviously unconcerned with the fact that the subject of their biopic is still very much in her prime and thus her story is nowhere near over. But why should that stop them! Details on the TV movie below.


POPDUST:The script for the movie is called Fame Monster, and it’s based on Maureen Callahan‘s book, Poker Face: The Rise And Rise Of Lady Gaga. As reported by Showbiz 411, “It’s also a love letter to Gaga, and not a ’slash and burn.’ It’s going to be about she invented herself, I’m told, and not about her copyrighted later appearances and costumes.”

-Sooooo, you’re going to have a movie about Gaga, but not include her performances or her outfits? Will this movie be exactly one minute long?

-The film is also not a “go” yet – meaning it hasn’t been officially approved to begin production – but casting has already begun. Check out the casting notice for the lead role:

[STEFANI GERMANOTTA (LADY GAGA)] is a bright rebellious Catholic school girl who dreams of fame. The story covers her from age 16 to 22. When we first meet her she is a dark haired, off beat, very talented and intensely ambitious teen. She comes from a Italian/American well off, close knit, Upper West Side NYC family. She never felt she ‘fit in’ with her fellow students in high school and was disappointed when her college experience at NYU didn’t meet her expectations. So, with her parent’s reluctant permission at 19, she drops out and moves downtown to the Lower East Side where the artists are. Independent and strong willed, Stefani learns she must be something more than a talented young girl and to really stand out, she must change. The story covers the ups and downs of her amazing rise and eventually to her transformation to Lady GAGA. We are seeking an actress who can physically resemble Lady GAGA (see photo) and who can believably span ages 16 to 22. Singing is preferred but not required.”

Everyone,would love something like that.Her biopic will become a true lesson for everyone!