July 29, 2021

Lady GaGa fined for “Disturbing The Peace”

Lady GaGa has been fined by French authorities for “Disturbing The Peace” in Paris after she caused chaos on the city’s streets.

GaGa has been travelling around Europe promoting her second studio album “Born This Way” and on Thursday she landed in France. She was staying in the post “Park Hyatt Hotel” which attracted hordes of little monsters to wait outside awaiting a glimpse of their Mother Monster.

However, GaGa caused havoc on the streets after leaning out of the window of her hotel room and showered her little monsters in petals and as a result of which, GaGa has been fined by the French Police according to British tabloid “The Sun”.

A source told the newspaper:  “GaGa was given a telling off for her antics. Hotel bosses tried to get her to come in (from the window) because of the frenzy she was creating outside but she didn’t listen so the police turned up and fined her. She was like a woman possessed. You know what she’s like with her fans.

“She threw hundreds of rose petals and shouted over and said ‘I Love you my little monsters.’”