July 28, 2021

Lady GaGa Gives A Never-To-Be-Repeated Show, At Sydney Monster Hall

Lady GaGa  hit the stage at Sydney Town Hall for her never-to-be-repeated Monster Hall performance.

The 25-year-old has at least three new costumes designed by Versace for the one-hour Gaga Live show and a set designed to complement the ornate Sydney Town Hall.Tight security has kept prying eyes out since Monday, when her Haus Of Gaga team of designers and crew started building the stage and special VIP areas.


"I am really excited. I've had all sorts of beautiful clothing made for the performance, special costumes just for that show," she said.

"I built a stage just for this one performance. This is an absolute one-off. I did it all for my Australian fans. I'm not going to tell you the surprises. They would be so mad at you if I told you."

Only 800 Little Monsters won a coveted golden ticket to the concert out of almost 25,000 entries, with another 200 VIPs making the in-demand A-list to see the show to promote her Born This Way album.Hundreds of other fans were lucky enough to make it through the doors of the Nevermind and Arq nightclubs on Monday night for Gaga's not-so-secret warm-up sets.While renowned for never sporting the same outfit twice, she did recycle the police-style cap and antique lace wrap she wore at interviews for her nightclub gigs.

The concert will broadcast on Go!, take40.com, Channel V and the Today network on July 29.