April 19, 2021

Lady Gaga: “Gypsy” First Live Performance In Germany!

Lady Gaga’s first stop during her “Artpop” international promotional tour was Germany. Gaga hosted a special fan event for her “little monsters” in Berlin on Thursday (October 24). Besides answering questions, Lady Gaga treated her German fans with the debut of “Gypsy”. She performed the unheard “Artpop” track for the first time! And according to Gaga’s plan revealed yesterday, she’s going to perform a new “Artpop” song in every territory she visits in the next 3 weeks.

“Gypsy” is a beautiful ballad, and although Gaga gave it a complete acoustic sound by playing it with a piano only; on “Artpop”, “Gypsy” will definitely have some kind of electro-pop edge. “Gypsy” is produced by France’s Madeon and co-written by RedOne.