June 20, 2021

Lady GaGa ‘Hijacks’ GOOGLE, For Her Little Monsters – #GoogleGoesGaGa

It's not enough that she has some of the most "likes" (I prefer to say fans) on Facebook Lady Gaga has to have Google, YouTube, and Twitter under her haute couture belt, as well. Or so it would seem, based on the latest Gaga "trend" blasting around the web this week …  #GoogleGoesGaga. That does not mean that the Google logo will be recreated in the image of Little Monsters

The Mother Monster herself is doing an exclusive interview through Google Moderator, which seems like a pretty cool application! Even though it's been around since 2008, this is the first time it seems a celeb is using it for a big "press conference"-style interview. (Obama did it before during the transition from candidate to President.) Basically, Moderator allows for the management of feedback from a large group of participants, who can vote for the top questions they'd like to see posed and ask their own.

What's even cooler is that Moderator aims to make sure that every question is answered and that the moderator knows what the audience wants. It seems like a tech app made by fan-loving Lady Gaga!

But Gaga isn't stopping at Google. For this exclusive interview, she's pretty much taking over all of the top websites … to field Qs, of course! Little Monsters can ask Gaga whatever they wish via YouTube/LadyGaga and by tweeting with the hashtag "#GoogleGoesGaga." Actually, Facebook is the only site that's kind of being left out in the cold on this tech-based press tour! How's that feel, Zuck? (I know. I'm sure he's not at all concerned.)

I gotta gush that Gaga is impressing me once again with her fame-mongering (monster-ing?) skills. This Internet EVENT (yes, that's what it's sure to be … this is Gaga we're talking about) is so in sync with her whole message. Be yourself! (By asking your own Qs — check!) Speak out! (Whatever Q you want to ask — check!) And if you're lucky enough to be famous, use your power to appreciate and prioritize fans! (Check, check, check!) By staying on message and reaching out to her fans, this interview is sure to be a win-win for Gaga.

Fans have already submitted Qs that seem like they'll be fun to see Gaga answer, e.g. "Do you rock out to your own music when it comes on the radio?" or "How do you want to be remembered?" But I do hope she answers in that straightforward, no-BS way we've seen in some interviews (recent Anderson Cooper), as opposed to that convoluted, space-cadet way we've seen in others (crazy Larry King one where she wore Lennon-ish sunglasses).

The deadline for asking Gaga questions is March 18 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Then the video interview will be released online next week. Can't wait to check it out! In the meantime, here's Gaga talking about the interview:


Source: http://google.com/