July 28, 2021

Lady GaGa: “I don’t use the gay community to sell records”

Lady GaGa has hit back at claims that she uses the gay community and gay rights issues to sell more records.

GaGa is one of the more influential gay rights compaigners on the planet. She is the one who called for gay marriage, she is the one who has led pride marches and lobbied politicians and companies over anti-gay policies and speaking to The Advocate, she has called these claims and critism against her "ridiculous".

GaGa went on to say: "To say that I would use the gay community to sell records is probably one of the most ridiculous statements anyone can make about me as a person.

"I would say the top thing about every single day of my life, other than my fans, loving the music and my family being healthy, is social justice and equality."

To further her point. Lady GaGa responded to a question about her fans with an anecdote about meeting a young gay soldier in technology store Best Buy!

She said: "He was afraid that he would be discharged and that he would be judged out found out. He said that the right in America against 'Don't ask, Don't tell' and the fight for equality made him feel stronger and made him feel safe, and he gave me his service jacket.

"And we just held each other and cried. Anyone who says that I'm not genuine is not interested in overcoming this fight. That was such a pure and wonderful moment that we shared, and I remember thinking, There's no album sale, no number 1, that could compete with this moment. That is what the f**k it's all about. What the f**k it's all about is if I can write one song that could change one person's life."

GaGa then went on to add that whilst she could be "rolling around in Rolld-Royces, buying mansions for myself", she perfers to be at rallies with her fans.