May 7, 2021

Lady Gaga In Forbes List Of High-Earning Artists

The “Poker Face” singer came in at number seven with earnings of £40.5m last year.

The 24-year-old became one of the highest earners thanks to a string of number one singles in Britain and America and a sold-out worldwide tour.

Lady Gaga, whose hits include “Paparazz”I and “Bad Romance”, came just behind Jay-Z who grossed £41.1m and ahead of Madonna who earned £37.9m.

U2 were named the highest-earning band on the planet over the last year.

The Irish legends, who have been staging their groundbreaking 360 tour performing under a giant “claw”, were estimated to have raked in $130 million (£84.9m), according to, including ticket and merchandise sales and a steady-selling back catalogue.

Despite their huge success, Bono’s bad back has disrupted some of the band’s concert plans, including being forced to pull out of playing this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Heavy metal group AC/DC, folk rocker Bruce Springsteen and Material Girl Madonna – whose songs have been featured on the hit sitcom Glee – also appeared highly in the round-up, showing experience counts.

Beyoncé Knowles beat her hip hop star husband Jay-Z, when she came in third.

Despite a turbulent few years, comeback Queen Britney Spears was in fifth place, with her earnings put at 64 million dollars (£41.8m).

Coldplay came in equal 10th place, thanks to money made while still touring in support of their 2008 album Viva La Vida.

Here are the top earning musicians of 2010 and the amounts they are estimated to have made according to Forbes. com:

1. U2 – 130 million dollars (£84.9m)

2. AC/DC – 114 million dollars (£74.5m)

3. Beyoncé Knowles – 87 million dollars (£56.8m)

4. Bruce Springsteen – 70 million dollars (£45.7m)

5. Britney Spears – 64 million dollars (£41.8m)

6. Jay-Z – 63 million dollars (£41.1m)

7. Lady Gaga – 62 million dollars (£40.5m)

8. Madonna – 58 million dollars (£37.9m)

9. Kenny Chesney – 50 million dollars (£32.6m)

10. Black Eyed Peas – 48 million dollars (£31.3m)

10. Coldplay – 48 million dollars (£31.3m)