July 26, 2021

Lady Gaga In “TUDOR” Watch Commercial.

Lady Gaga stars in the brand new commercial of luxury watches brand Tudor. Tudor’s new campaign to promote their new collection of “Black Bay” watches us called “Born to Dare”. And “Born to Dare” is precisely what inspired the commercial below. It sees “classy” Lady Gaga going on a piano battle against “rebellious” Lady Gaga. In the end, it will seem like “rebellious” Lady Gaga will lose the battle as she will break her piano – in an act of frustration for thinking she won’t ever be as good as “classy” Lady Gaga. But just when we, and “classy” Lady Gaga thought the game was over, “rebellious” Lady Gaga will pull a surprise by trying to beat her “enemy” once again with the few piano wires still working. Perseverance is the key is to everything, right?