May 8, 2021

Lady Gaga & Intel Team Up To Fight Online Harassment

Harassment of women in tech is a problem that Intel, Lady Gaga and others are urging top tech execs to fight. Columnist Rob Enderle writes that we have to stop tolerating this behavior in order to stop it.

After over 40 years of government driven efforts to bring more women into tech, little change has been made. I have a fundamental belief that we are approaching this effort all wrong. My argument is that the core problem is that the tech market isn’t attractive to women, and why would it be? It has a history of abusing women. And recently it has gotten much worse with technology not only being a segment that is hostile to women but the developer of tools that are used as weapons against women. This isn’t just unacceptable as behavioral issue it is incredibly stupid if we want to create a segment that has a bend of men and women in it more successfully matching the demographics that the industry serves.

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