April 22, 2021

Lady Gaga Is Already Launching Her Social Network Site

What's Lady Gaga planning? Apparently, something bigger than FACEBOOK and GOOGLE. The new offering is called "BACKPLANE," with a website of www.littlemonsters.com, and it's expected to file its IPO soon. BUSINESSINSIDER reports "The LADY GAGA-funded start-up just came out of its super-secretive mode with the launch of its beta site LITTLE MONSTERS.

BACKPLANE hopes to give celebrities the chance to interact more intimately with fans then they could on FACEBOOK or TWITTER. The sites are also supposed to help fans create and share content." Co-founder JOEY PRIMIANI told BUSINESSINSIDER

"I'm all about starting this movement. I love technology and love good design. We definitely have an amazing opportunity here to have millions of users — the most amount of users per employee. We are going to be bigger than FACEBOOK and GOOGLE some day."