May 9, 2021

Lady Gaga greeted her "Little monsters" at her 'Best Buy' 'Born This Way' album launch,dressed in head-to-toe black bondage.


The pop star, sporting ripped fishnet stockings, leather boots and peroxide blond hair, launched her new album, "Born This Way", at the Union Square store where some fans had waited since Saturday for Gaga's appearance.Lady Gaga greeted fans and signed their memorabilia. As part of Gaga's promotion, Best Buy put her album on sale for $7.99 while Amazon sold the MP3 for $0.99.

At the in-store event, fans jostled to be among the first 50 people to buy a cellphone at the store on Sunday morning, receiving a free copy of Gaga's new "Born This Way" album and a chance to get an autograph at the store's event.


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