December 5, 2020

Lady Gaga Learning To Speak Like The Queen

Lady Gaga is hoping to impress ticket holders to her upcoming UK gigs by learning to speak with a flawless English accent.

According to the Sun, the 24-year-old has adopted an unlikely new role model in the shape of the Queen.

She is said to be examining footage of her majesty in order to imitate her accent and has even started dressing like her.

A source told the newspaper: “She’s been copying the way the Queen speaks from online content. She loves all things British, especially the Queen.

“She wants to be able to do a really good accent for when she’s over here on tour later this month.

“If she gets dressed up in regal attire, she feels like it helps her accent.”

The Bad Romance star used the recent Rainforest Fund charity concert in New York to practice her new accent on Sir Elton John, the source added.

The UK leg of Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball world tour begins on May 27th at the Trent FM Arena in Nottingham.

Source:/England Newspapers/