June 20, 2021

Lady GaGa Leaves Toronto For ‘2011 MTV Video Music Aid Japan’

Lady GaGa spotted at Toronto's international airport (yesterday) leaving Canada for Japan, because the 2011 MTV Video Music Aid awards in which Lady GaGa will attend.

The award event will happen on 25th of June.Lady GaGa is scheduled to perform to benefit the Japanese red cross.

The show, dubbed MTV Video Music Aid Japan, also doubles up as MTV Japan’s  10th annual video music awards event, and as such will feature a slew of big names in Japanese and Asian music.

 In an added bonus for Japanese pop fans, the show will be hosted by girl group AKB48, beloved by many a salaryman. There’s a long musical gap between AKB48’s frothy girl-next-door beat, with collective dance routines in adapted school uniforms, and the grandiose stylings of Lady Gaga’s rasping disco. But few in the Makuhari hall, or watching at home are likely to care: between them the two acts have been dominant in Japan’s music charts for months.

 MTV says the event is “designed to inspire and rally young people to contribute time or funds to recovery and rebuilding efforts.” The event will be broadcast live over areas that cover over 30 million homes on its Japan, South Korea and China stations, as well as on MTV Southeast Asia  and  in a one-hour special on MTV channels around the world.