June 20, 2021

GaGa Makes An Unforgettable Appearance At Jonathan Ross Show

Lady GaGa was interviewed by Jonathan Ross and performed her latest single “Yoü and I” on his show on (October 8 ). Lady GaGa gave such a revealing interview,in which mentioned her happiness about being the Godmother of Elton John's child and working on her new music video clip which reportedly is for 'Marry The Night' single.

Lady GaGa also,revealed that she is pretty happy with her current lovelife and she would love someday to make a family with lots of children.To be specific,she stated that she would like to have a baby or more,after releasing about 10 music studio albums.


Check the first part of Lady GaGa's interview at the Jonathan Ross chat show:






Let us your thoughts on Lady GaGa's appearance with a goat,her amazing interview and her epic YOU AND I performance!

*better quality of videos coming as soon as they are available*