July 28, 2021

Lady Gaga On CBS’ ‘The Tonight Show’, With Jimmy Fallon.

Lady Gaga, plugged the debut of FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel, on NBC’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (6.10), & trumped Bill Clinton in the ratings, with an assist from Jay Leno.

Jay Leno that night equaled his highest household rating for a Tuesday (3.0/8) since July 14, and beat Colbert and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live combined in the demo, as viewers came to watch Lady Gaga talk about her role on the latest iteration of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story franchise, Hotel.

She explained she’d spent years studying acting – a career track thwarted, she said, by her lousy audition skills, leading her to pick a career in music. Also, she explained her deep and abiding love of all things scary and dangerous on TV….