February 27, 2021

Lady Gaga on ‘Good Morning America’.

Lady Gaga celebrated the release of her new album Joanne with a live interview on Friday’s “GMA.”

Gaga, wearing a pink hat similar to the one on the album’s cover, revealed her father was with her at the morning show. “Joanne was my father’s sister. This album is named after her, as well as my middle name. She died in 1974,” the pop star said. “The tragedy really stayed with our family our whole lives, and I wanted to make a record about family and friendship and togetherness and learning from the past, and that’s why we’re here today.”

Of the record’s current single, “Ayo,” the singer said, “I really want people to hear it and be reminded that we might sometimes not feel so great, but we are still. I want them to remember how awesome America is and how awesome we are as a country.” Gaga went on to discuss the influence country music has had on her new sound, joking, “I’ve dated my fair share of cowboys.” But, she added, “The album isn’t just country. It’s folk. It’s dance. It’s pop. It’s funk.”

And in just a few months, Gaga will be bringing her music to the Super Bowl as the halftime show performer. “I am absolutely elated beyond and honored to be doing the halftime show,” she told Michael Strahan. “We’ve been already planning it, and thinking of all the different ways we can make this a special experience for the football fans.”

She added, “I was thinking yesterday about how wonderful it’s going to be playing maybe a few new songs from the new record at the Super Bowl with my grandmother, who is Joanne’s mother. She’s blind, but she’ll be able to hear, I think, from the stands, and I think it’ll be a proud moment for our family. And that means more to me than anything.”

Gaga also spoke about her current dive bar tour, her style, and Michelle Obama. Check out the full interview below!