July 28, 2021

Lady Gaga puts up a performance in Taichung, Taiwan

Lady Gaga performs in Taichung, Taiwan as part of celebrations for Lady Gaga Day. Gaga tweeted earlier, "Taiwan rolled my hair + put my lipstick on, in the glass of her boudoir. Here GAGA means "love for all," showtime. ".

Gaga's performance lasted for about a full hour. The performance was free to the public and the Taiwan Government paid tons of money to get Gaga over to Taiwan. Gaga was also said to be doing yoga in Taiwan, part of her usual yoga routine. She performs songs such as "BORN THIS WAY", "JUST DANCE", "ALEJANDRO", "YOU AND I", "JUDAS" and more, mostly from her new studio album titled "Born This Way".

Check out the performances below: