July 26, 2021

Lady Gaga Rocks The AMAs 2017.

It wasn’t the Super Bowl halftime show, but Lady Gaga treated her American Music Awards appearance with the same extravagant bombast. Performing from Washington, D.C.’s Capital One Theater, Gaga brought to life her 2017 single “The Cure,” a seven-month old song that followed up her 2016 album Joanne.

Gaga opened up in ballad mode, decked out in sequins and her hair curled, working her new look from a translucent, neon-blue piano through the song’s first verse. Then once “The Cure” exploded into the chorus, so did Gaga, as she left her piano seat and spent the rest of the song walking the stage in typical arena-pop splendor. She grooved alongside backing dancers, belting out the song’s triumphant chorus as fiery faux-pyrotechnics sparkled in the background.

To cap it all off, Gaga was awarded the AMA for favorite female artist later in the show, and her acceptance speech was televised live from her D.C. gig as part of the telecast.