July 29, 2021

Lady Gaga Says It Is The Duty Of Pop Stars To Do Stage Performances For Their Fans

The ‘Poker Face’ singers fans are her fans because she ensures she goes all out to please them, even if that means having a grilling touring schedule throughout the year.

The 24 year old recording artist, who addresses her fans as monsters, has in a recent interview said “I hate big acts that just throw an album out against the wall, like ‘Buy it! F**k you!’ It’s mean to fans. You should go out and tour it to your fans in India, Japan, the UK.’

She added “I don’t understand bands who say they’ll tour for one year, then record the next. I make music every day!”

Gaga who feels she owes it to her ‘monsters’ to give stage performances feels artists these days are ‘lazy’ and thus missing out on profits that could be made by going on tours.

Lady Gaga’s obsession with her work has however seem to taken a toll on her health. She has been in the news frequently now for her health problems like breathing difficulties, stress and headaches and passing out during her concerts due to fatigue. At that time her peers too did reach out to her and asked her to go slow. Janet Jackson had said, “She works so hard and I told her I think she needs to slow down just a little bit, take some time out for herself.”

But Gaga feels her desire to perform out -shadows any other thing, be it even her health. Well Lady, if you expect your ‘lazy’ peers to pay heed to your advice, we suggest even you pay a little attention to what day say when it comes to asking you to take a break for the sake of your health.