July 26, 2021

Lady Gaga shares behind the scenes clips, from ‘Enigma’ rehearsals.

Mother Monster has got a new look for her Enigma show, and it might be her best one yet.

Lady Gaga shared a behind-the-scenes clip on her Instagram Story on Monday (Dec. 3) that showed her in a bodysuit covered in dots.

Gaga appears to be using the motion capture suit to record her song “Aura,” from 2013’s Artpop. The technology transfers human movements to an avatar by mapping the animation data.

The popstar begins her Vegas residency at the Park Theater at the Park MGM resort on Dec. 28. Lady Gaga Enigma is one of two shows she will perform during the 27 date run with the other called Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano. Gaga described Enigma as a “brand-new odyssey of her pop hits built as an experience unlike any other,” in a press release.

“We’re creating a show unlike anything I’ve done before. It will be a celebration of all that is unique and different within us. The challenges of bravery can be overcome with creativity and courage that is grown out of adversity, love and music,” added Gaga.