June 24, 2021

Lady GaGa & The 2011 MTV European Music Awards

Dream of Gaga is about to make live updates straight from the 2011 MTV EMAs from Belfast,Ireland. This year, our Queen Lady Gaga is nominated for 6 EMAs – Best Video for Born This Way, Biggest Fans, Best Live,  Best Pop and Best Female,Best Song. Lady GaGa is set to TV-debut for first time ever a Marry The Night performance.We will be doing a live coverage event of the EMAs this year.

Check it out below and stay tuned..(Dont forget to tweet on Twitter #MarryTheNightEMAs)

Live Coverage:

-RED CARPET ARRIVALS have just started!

-Lady GaGa wins 'BEST FANS' award!

-Lady Gaga lost one award for 'BEST LIVE' and Katty Perry takes it.4 left,for GaGa

-Lady Gaga wins 'BEST FEMALE' award,which is her second award yet!(First low quality images available here!What an OMGAGA outfit!-Click here!)

-Lady GaGa just TV-debuted 'Marry The Night' performance,at the EMAs.Noone stopped screaming her name on stage!(Click here for some images)

-Justin Bieber wins 'BEST POP' award over Lady Gaga!2 awards pending for GaGa though & 2 won already!

Lady GaGa wins third consecutive award for 'BEST SONG'.Congrats GaGaloo!!!

-Lady GaGa kicks ass winning  4th and last award for 'BEST VIDEO' out of six.Once again she left us totally speechless!

Stay tuned for more images and videos once they are available on a higher quality!