July 29, 2021

Lady GaGa to reach 11 Million Monsters

There really is no stopping the Queen of Pop as of late. But, Lady GaGa isn’t just the Queen of Pop, she is the Queen of Twitter. As GaGa continues to break records around the world and she is on the right path to break another one very soon.

Just last month, Lady GaGa broke a world record on Twitter by being the first member to reach 10 million followers, and very soon she is going to break her own record by being the first member to have 11 million followers, however, GaGa’s followers aren’t just any followers, they are 11 million Little Monsters. Hopefully, Mother Monster will break the record this evening.

Not only is GaGa going to reach 11 Million Followers on Twitter, but the video for The Edge of Glory which was released Thursday evening during So You Think You Can Dance on Fox is on the path to reaching 3 million views in a mere 2 days.

Currently, Lady GaGa is at 10,999,254 followers on Twitter and The Edge of Glory video has reached 2,938,186 views.

Would you like to help out? Tweet #11MillionMonsters on Twitter and we’ll hopefully get Mother Monster to 11 Million Followers this evening.