April 19, 2021

Lady Gaga tweets second “Venus” snippet

Following the first “Venus” snippet released yesterday along with the album covers, Lady Gaga took to twitter to announce that “[she] will release another ‘VENUS’ snippet if and ONLY if monsters take a pledge and #TrendIt for the world. #iVowToSpreadLoveWithARTPOP” in an attempt to continue spreading her message of love and acceptance. After an arduous wait, fans finally got another taste of “Venus”, which is to be released on October 27th.

While the first snippet gave fans a general idea of the psychedelic, 80’s disco vibe of the upcoming promotional single, this second snippet showcases Lady Gaga’s smooth vocals that are quickly becoming a trademark of the ARTPOP era, leaving fans craving for more. Not to worry, little monsters, your cravings for new music will be satisfied on Sunday.