July 26, 2021

Lady Gaga Will Guest Edit ‘V’ Magazine, January 2016.

V magazine has announced that after landing seven covers in six years Lady Gaga will be the guest editor for the publication’s spring preview issue coming January 14. A first in the magazine’s history, the mega pop star has called on some of the biggest names in fashion to present what she sees as today’s zeitgeist.

In her own words: “This issue of V is about all of these people coming together to express a passion for art and fashion, to really ‘go there’ to make a great statement and to change things…I feel like we all share an appetite for living a life of passion and creativity…it’s like we all found our immortality through art and fashion…we share that deep spiritual place. These are people who have kept me and protected me over the years, because they’ve wanted me to survive…that’s part of the message of this issue: we have to carry each other through the decades and take care of one another and honor each other’s work…I am saying thank you to all these people for everything they’ve given to me…I want to make sure the world knows who they are…it’s a guard of people…I call them my Fashion Guard!”

Preview the cover above and look for V99 to hit newsstands on January 14.