December 5, 2020

‘Lady Gaga Will Have A Long Career’: Elton John

Elton John believes that Lady Gaga will reign as the 'Queen of Pop' in the years to come as she is grounded and respectful.

Since then they have become close friends and John is convinced that the Poker Face hitmaker will have a long career as she is so modest, Contactmusic reported.

"I love her, she's absolutely amazing. We've become friends. What I like about the Gaga most is that she's amazingly polite and respectful to everyone around her. What I loved most about John Lennon is that he was like that. He once gave my mum a lift to the airport and came to my agent's wedding.'The Gaga is like that. But the greatest thing about her is that she manages to let everyone think they know everything about her but no one knows anything.She's a phenomenal star, definitely someone who will be taking on the old sods like me, McCartney and Rod Stewart doing big tours for years to come. Pure genius."