July 26, 2021

Lady Gaga’s Choreographer, praises Kati’s Tzacheva ‘The Cure’ version.

It is a fact that Lady Gaga’s choreographer, Richy Jackson, didn’t hesitate to comment through his Twitter, ‘The Cure’ version choreo showcase of young dancer Kati Tzacheva, from Bulgaria, Europe.

Professional dancing teacher in VS DANCE academy and dancer Kati Tzacheva, did the official ‘The Cure – Lady Gaga’ choreography of Richy Jackson, as she has been asked to do so, for a project relating Lady Gaga in Sofia Bulgaria, to be released next year!

The video is shoted & edited by: Plam Mircheva – Ps…Plam.

Lady Gaga’s official stan website http://dreamofgaga.com, is promoting the whole project and brings Kati to Lady Gaga!

This is a project made of much love and many rehearshals. Dancing is the cure.

Also, Kati Tzacheva, teached to our Jim Varounis, the official ‘The Cure – Lady Gaga’ choreography by Richy Jackson.

Jim Varounis, is a big little monster and the owner of http://dreamofgaga.com!

This is Jim’s very first completed choreo, ever.