June 20, 2021

Lady GaGa’s Epic Art Performance, At MTV Video Music Aid Japan

Lady Gaga had the MTV Video Aid Japan's audience entirely under her spell. Gaga, the show’s opening act, adopted an arachnid theme, inspired by the large spider structure that looms on top of the ritzy Roppongi Hills complex in Tokyo. She opened, unsurprisingly, with her latest single, “The Edge of Glory,” appearing on stage hanging from a wall prop with her teal Rapunzel-length hair tangled in a web. The audience was under her spell even before the song’s first notes. The floor thumped and fists pumped along to the music. She segued into her second song, “Born This Way,” operatically, making her way to an elevated piano disguised as a black spider.

There, taking a break from the theatrics, she gave the audience a treat more typical of a standard Lady Gaga show: the artist, alone, at the piano. She sang a subdued start to “Born This Way,” peppering the first single off her latest album with several shout-outs to Japan before breaking into the song’s unrestrained bass-heavy glory.

After the show, Lady Gaga told the press: “The performance tonight was heavily inspired by Japanese culture, and I can’t thank the fans enough for supporting me. I’m feeling just so honoured to be here.”“I didn’t come from very much,” she continued. I had to struggle and fight to become the artist that I am today and to be able to connect with people all over the world. And I hope that what you take away from that performance is never give up on the dream of Japan, never give up on the dream of its people and never give up on the dream of the future.”

Watch GaGa’s incredible performance in Japan below:



Images Source: Celebrity-Gossip