July 29, 2021

Lady GaGa’s Interview With German Newspaper BILD

Lady GaGa had a chat with German newspaper BILD, where she spoke about her home town New York , and why she loves it so dearly. She discussed how she likes to spend her time when she is home with her friends, and what the 9/11 terrorist attacks meant to the city as a whole. Check out a rough translation of the interview (from German) (thanks to gaganews.com) after the jump, or visit the BILD.de website for the interview in its written language.


This woman is a lady. This woman is gaga. This woman is NEW YORK!

A huge, white loft in Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood / Manhattan. Lady Gaga (25) comes in black, transparent lace. Underwear by lightning. Chanel handbag, very high Louboutins.

What does New York mean to you?

“New York is the metaphor of my life. This endless creativity! New York has so many faces! New York is my biggest inspiration! ”

Lady GaGa was born in New York, she went to school as Stefani Germanotta. Performing in small clubs, a no-name, she would become a MEGA STAR!

What was it like to spend your childhood in New York? Forests are missing, security …?

The lady laughs. Deep and smoky. “Oh, we have trees in New York! And not only that, at night if you get a craving for sesame chicken, you simply go around the corner to the nearest Chinese restaurant. I loved my childhood here! The best part was the subway ride. That is one of the things I miss most today. ”

During the interview, Lady Gaga drank tea. She brought her own cup. Black and gold and “Versace”. Just a little eccentric.

Down to earth, however when she explains the best experiences in her native city: “On New Year’s morning at 6 clock, as I emerge from a pub with my friends, the sun rises and we go eat scrambled eggs with ketchup. This is New York! Or a piece of pizza from the plastic bag. It is found nowhere else. If someone is standing with a pizza in a fancy white box on the street with a napkin and dabbing the grease, you know immediately: He’s not from here “.

Where would you meet Lady Gaga in New York? In the club partying?

“No, I rather like small, scruffy pubs where there is beer and whiskey. In the corner stands a jukebox and it smells like there’s always a little pee. That’s where I feel good! ”

And even if Lady Gaga “is a gypsy with a bag full of couture clothes” – New York remains her home. “When I visit my parents, I sleep on an air mattress.”

Outside the loft, the yellow cabs honk, buzz, a constant hum. City noise? No. Lady Gaga is a sound concert.

“The city is my musical dictionary. The humming of the car, the squeal of the subway, the clicking of my heels when I walk down the street – these sounds are magical. ”

And New York people?

“The great thing is that here everyone was very respectful of each other. New Yorkers do not say: Look who’s here! But: Hey beautiful, it’s good to see you home! ”

Lady Gaga’s heart beats for New York. That is why she will never forget the day that exposed the heartbeat of the city.

“11th September 2001. I was sitting in history class in school. The towers collapsed and the black smoke drifted over to us. The attack has left a deep scar. But: New York ‘s only gotten stronger. ”

New York – a unique city. For visitors to Gaga’s, for ALL.

“Everyone thinks New York is dangerous, fast-paced and chaotic,” said Lady Gaga . “But the truth is that the people here combine an invisible bond. You’ll grow up fast in this city. And you need it. “