June 18, 2021

Lady Gaga’s ”Little Monsters Site” Mashes Up Pinterest & Tumblr



Lady Gaga's little monsters now have a social network to call their own, with little monsters going live this week in beta. The site mashes up elements of Pinterest, Tumblr, and old-school chat room culture to create a place for Gaga's little monsters to hang out online, trade gossip, fan art, and proclaim the godly powers of the tiny pop singer. 

The bright side seems to be that it offers confused gay and transgendered kids a place to talk amongst their peers. So dudes, it's just like Pinterest, but without the recipes, crafting tips, and your girlfriend. Or Tumblr, with less porn, but I always assumed that Tumblr was 80 percent Gaga content anyway. No doubt other pop acts like Taylor Swift, Skrillex, and the like will be following in Gaga's 14-inch platform footsteps. It's definitely a way to get all your eggs in one basket and to market directly to your masses.

Source: http://blogs.houstonpress.com