June 24, 2021

Lady GaGa’s New Releases – Out TODAY!

Its time little monsters!Run,run…. LG.CO.UK-Today marks the release of The Monster Ball on DVD and Blu-Ray, Born The Way – The Remix and Born This Way – The Collection!

Here's a rundown of just what you can get your hands on today…

'Lady Gaga Presents, The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden' gives you guys the chance to enjoy Gaga's stunning tour at home, featuring additional never-before-seen footage! Get your paws on the DVD and Blu-ray now:

DVD: Amazon.co.uk, Play.com and HMV.com now!

Blu-ray: Amazon.co.uk / Play.com / HMV.com

'Born The Way – The Remix' has also been unleashed today and is filled with 14 awesome remixes from the likes of Goldfrapp, The Weekend, Foster The People and LOADS more! Pick up your copy below:

HMV.com / Amazon.co.uk / Play.com

Last by definitely not least is 'Born This Way – The Collection', packed with the multiplatinum 17-track album 'Born This Way', 'Born This Way – The Remix' AND The Monster Ball Tour DVD – phew! Get clickin' below to make sure you don't miss out:

Amazon.co.uk / Play.com / HMV.com