April 22, 2021

L.Gaga’s ‘Success Is Because Of Her Hard Work,Not Luck’

London, July 10 (ANI): Lady Gaga’s manager Svengali Troy Carter insists that the singer’s phenomenal success is the result of pure hard work.

Carter says his eccentric client has set an example of how hard work and hits can turn an expectant into a somebody, and he fears too many current acts break into the big time too quickly and fade out just as fast.

“She (Gaga) has put in the work. She has really put in the work. This was years in the making. Gaga has a work ethic. Gaga hustles. She understands all of that,” the Daily Express quoted him as telling CelebrityAccess.com.

“One of the problems now is that we have a very lazy business. People are lazy. That girl gets out there. When we first started I didn’t know anything about pop music and she didn’t know anything about touring or anything like that.

“You can’t skip a step. People take the discovery process for granted. Fans want to feel like they have discovered you, and part of that discovery process is having the patience to start small,” he added.