June 18, 2021

Lady GaGa’s Video Message For Raising $1.5 Million For Japan Charity

She managed to raise a quarter of a million dollars for Japan Relief through the sale of her fashion prayer bracelets in just a couple of days.

Gaga announced via a video that the bracelet sales have now raised a massive $1.5 million (just under a million quid to us Brits) for the Red Cross appeal.

The special bracelet went on sale only days after the Japan tragedy occurred, with the singer urging her fans around the world to buy the bracelets – selling at only $5 a shot – which they have done in their thousands.

“We’ve already raised $1.5 million,” Gaga said. “We want to raise even more money and send as much as we can over to help. We will be praying.”

Gaga has so far been one of the biggest contributors to the fund, along with Sandra Bullock and Gwen Stefani who both gave $1 million of their own money to the appeal.

Source: http://www.musicrooms.net/