January 26, 2021

Little Monsters Review The MOS Project After Viewing It Exclusively

We had decided to run a little monstrous 'contest' and everyone was welcome to take part in it.To do so little monstrous twitter-ers had to include #MonsterOnStage in their tweets.#MonsterOnStage hashtag is all about the upcoming project by us and some other fansites, relative to all Lady GaGa tours!(View info here)

Yesterday, @ladygagatours picked randomly 4 lucky little monsters and showed  them, exclusively the entire intro page of the upcoming project, Monster On Stage!

By taking part at this contest winners certified that, they werent going show the image to anyone else until the 5th Of March, 2011!It was a monster promise…

The winners were picked up,and however they shared their thoughts and ideas about checking the MOS intro preview.Check what the winners said on Twitter:


HouseOfMonsterM: 'MOS (staff) you are the best ♥'


fahriw: 'MOS is so cool!!!! and AWESOME…… i am so glad can see the sneak peek firstly…woooow''


MrLiamLadyGaga: ''WOW. WOW. Just seen the exclusive Picture Of #MonsterOnStage! Its fucking amazing. Well done''


-ladygagaquotes: 'Can I tell you something? #MONSTERONSTAGE IS AMAZING!! Can't wait to get on this fucking page *.*''