April 19, 2021

Michael Bolton talks about Lady Gaga, before she became a phemonenon

Michael Bolton’s ‘How Am I Supposed to Live Without You’ hit the charts almost 25 years ago, he’s still selling out arenas all these years later. Bolton sat down with So So Gay to tell about his new album and working with Lady Gaga.

-You had a song-writing session with Lady Gaga before she became a phemonenon, what was that like working with her way back when?

We wrote and recorded together a few months before The Fame was released. I had decided to work with a variety of young, fresh writers and producers for my album One World One Love which I was recording in LA. As soon as I heard Gaga’s CD including ‘Just Dance’ before it was released,” I thought she was great and going to be a massive star. I was told that she was a fan and wanted to write. We hit it off immediately. My instincts about her having a great career were being confirmed while getting to know her, observing her level of energy, focus on her art and the kind of work ethic it takes to keep success going one you have it. She was singing great riffs and melodies and had every intention to write and complete something great. I told her we had to come up with a song that would absolutely slay people and she responded, “You murder my heart” and that became the song title. Gaga was an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s a great, truly fearless artist and an immense talent in her own right. I love watching her amazing flight!