July 28, 2021

Monster Ball: Las Vegas, USA

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Last night, Lady Gaga was literally ablaze in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Her Monster Ball Tour hit Sin City with as much sin as the daring performance artist could muster — which meant holding a bonfire of pyrotechnics on stage and wearing as little as possible, up to and including a bra with studs poking out of the black material.

Sets were standard for this tour which must some challenge to take from city to city. In this Nevada hot spot, known for its transformation into everything from Paris to Venice, these backgrounds included a subway,a giant grand paino dressed to kill,  a dense forest and, yes, New York City (apparently,  Las Vegas and Lady Gaga think alike).

According to LasVegasWeekly.com, the musician seems ripe for a Vegas act, shouting to the city at large from on stage. At one point during a number called ‘Vanity’ she shrieked, “Put your hands up and celebrate yourself.’

So, before Lady Gaga left Las Vegas for her next leg of the Monster Ball tour, she both literally and figuratively set the city on fire. Hot, for sure, in the hot desert in the summertime. Who could ask for anything more.