July 28, 2021

Monster Dreams ONLINE NOW!

Dear dreamers, after a long time working and working and working, we have the pleasure to state you that thanks our personal website designer, our project brought by DreamOfGaga is finally online only for you!In this project page your dreams will become true,  by the time you submit us your gaga art as me, the owner of DreamOfGaga{dot}com, i am going to catch and talk GaGa after her concert in Hamburg (except the fact that something serious happens and in conclusion i wont have the choice to give her your work via a flash usb-but i dont think that there will be this case, to not meet her) so stay excited to submit us your work as soon as possible till 4th of May!.Cant wait and be sure you spread the word about this project!Lets begin submitting!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxo-Jim

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