July 29, 2021

Morrissey says GaGa is “Terribly Nice” but isn’t a fan of her music

Former Smiths frontman, Morrissey has called Lady GaGa “Terribly Nice”, however, he has admitted to The Daily Telegraph that he isn’t a fan of her music and didn’t understand GaGa’s meat dress.

Speaking to the UK newspaper, he said: “I’ve met her and she’s terribly nice. I find that it isn’t wise to attempt to judge people on their public persona, and even on the music they make. Because I’ve met so many people whose music I cannot stand, and they’re very nice.”

He continued: “At the same time, I’ve met people whose music I’ve loved and they’re not the person you’ve invested all this emotion in. And that’s your fault – I mean my fault. Lady GaGa is terribly nice. And her name is very funny, I think. I don’t think her music was ever designed to appeal to people like me. It’s not my type of music.”

Speaking about the meat dress, he said: “I think people didn’t question it too deeply – they simply saw it ad ‘today’s loony idea’. But I like to assume that GaGa had the same notion. If it’s a social and political statement, it’s acceptable. If it isn’t a social and political statement, I don’t really see the point.”