July 28, 2021

(New Candids): Lady GaGa’s Night Life In London

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She seems to have something of a penchant for traditional British cuisine.

Just days after Lady Gaga was seen in a London pub drinking a Scotch on the rocks, the singer brought to a standstill to satisfy her craving for fish and chips.

The 24-year-old singer decided to pop into the Sea Shell Fish Bar in Marylebone for a late-night snack, but ran into a problem when there wasn’t enough room to park her huge tour bus outside the eatery.

So, determined to fulfill her desire for battered fish and greasy chips, Gaga opted to send several of her security staff to pick up the takeaway food and bring it back to the bus.

Meanwhile, she stayed warm in the comfort of her tour bus, waiting for her meal.

While the singer kept most of her outfit hidden under a long leather trench coat, it was apparent Gaga was wearing fishnet tights with her trademark super-high heels.

Text  Source:/Daily Mail/

Gaga is now travelling to Dublin, Ireland, for a performance at The O2 this evening.