April 19, 2021

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga was spotted in Berlin

With her new album ARTPOP only a couple weeks from its highly anticipated release date (November 11th), Lady Gaga is making sure all eyes are on her in Europe by continuing promotions.

The “Born This Way” hit maker stepped out into the streets of Berlin, Germany on Friday (October 25) barefoot and wearing a white sheer dress without a bra as she climbed a wall and saluted a statue. (CLICK HERE FOR THE IMAGES)

Recently Gaga interviewed with MTV about the album and what message she hopes her fans and critics receive from it.

“I feel like in a way ARTPOP – as an idea – it was an answer to every question about my music up until this point,” the Mother Monster explained. “ARTPOP, of course, like with any album you can choose to listen [to] any songs you want to listen to, but if you truly want to experience what I composed for you, you listen from start to finish. It’s a journey. It was designed to be played as a piece.”

Lady Gaga also revealed the entire story about her new single “Do What U Want” which features R. Kelly, and stated, “Well actually I’ve been living in Chicago and spending a lot of time there, and that’s where R. Kelly hails from. I was working on ARTPOP and I wrote [‘Do What U Want’] on tour. It was about my obsession with the way people view me.”

She continued, “I have always been an R. Kelly fan and actually it is like an epic pastime in the Haus of Gaga that we just get f***** up and play R. Kelly. This is a real R&B song and I have called the king of R&B and I need his blessing. It was a mutual love.”

“He’s a very, very, very, talented man. I’m so excited to be on this album with him,” she added.