April 22, 2021

Producer Says Born This Way Is GaGa’s Freedom Album

Lady GaGa’s producer Red One has said that her new album Born This Way will be all about “freedom.”

I think it’s more of her freedom album,” he said. “It’s like freedom… it’s her album!”

He continued:

“To be honest with you, I think that this album that she’s making is too precious to talk about. When it comes out you’ll hear and you’ll make your choice.

“I think you’re gonna love it. But I think it’s too precious for me to talk about it. It’s crazy.”

But Red- responsible for Poker Face, Alejandro and Bad Romance– admitted that he’ll be taking the production to more interesting places for GaGa’s second disc.
“I said with everything I do I want to shock people… I don’t want to talk about it at all. I just want to save it. I’ll let her talk about it. It’s her. It’s her presenting GaGa. I’m the producer, but she’s the artist… It’s a surprise. I want to leave it like that.”
Lady GaGa is also likely to work with other producers on her second proper album, but so far no names are known.