December 4, 2020

Puppet Show: Bleeckie Says ‘Born This Blue’

We had the very huge pleasure to be asked by 5 years old Bleeckie puppet from official © Puppets Show Entertainment, to share a video with little blue skin puppet singing 'Born This Blue', having as an inspiration Lady GaGa's new song 'Born This Way'.We feel so happy to have the chance to spread to little monsters this video, in order to show what Bleeckie wants to message: ''I am really trying to get the message out to kids like me and really EVERY kid and adult about how we should embrace our differences..Cause we were born this way!''.Enjoy the video below:


Amazing video,isnt it little monsters?Its so true,you are so blue and adorable!Lots of love…The whole dream of gaga team wishes you* keep being yourself!