July 26, 2021

RedOne: GaGa’s New Album Will Be Shocking!

RedOne — the Moroccan-Swedish mastermind behind Gaga’s monster hits “Just Dance,” “Love Game,” “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance” and “Alejandro” — assures Billboard that the new material is worth waiting for.

It’s going to be shocking, shocking, shocking!” RedOne says of Gaga’s new music. “You never want to go too far from your brand — people love you for a reason. But we still want to give them something with a kick, something that makes them say, ‘Oh my God! We didn’t expect this!’

“When you heard ‘Bad Romance’ after ‘Poker Face,’ it was like the best thing you’ve ever heard,” he continues. “We want that type of reaction. I think that’s part of my job and her job — to keep her evolving. “

RedOne (aka Nadir Khayat) confirms that he has worked with Gaga on two tracks and describes both of them as “massive” hits-to-be. While RedOne and Gaga’s studio synergy has proven its platinum power (the pair collaborated on nine tracks on her first two albums), the producer says he encouraged her to add some new names to the production credits this time around.