July 28, 2021

Reminder: Last Days Only For ‘Born This Way’ Fanbook

We are calling all little monsters to submit artwork and messages to Lady Gaga, as all submissions must be in by December 26, 2010, any after that will not be accepted.Artwork can include outfits, drawings, photoshop graphics, paintings, and other Gaga-inspired creations. You can submit as much artwork as you want!Messages can include letters, poems, stories, lyrics, and other messages you want Gaga to read. Only one message is allowed per person, but they can be as long as you want! All of your submissions will put together into a book, and given to Lady Gaga on February 26, 2011! (P.S. – If you include a picture of yourself with your message, your image will be included in a surprise special gift that I’ll also be giving to Gaga!) This is your chance to show Lady Gaga how much you love her! Submit your art and love for Gaga..



Update: As we count down the final days for submissions, I would like to update you on some things. First off, as of today (12/21) we have received approximately 200 submissions! Which I am extremely happy about because that is far more that I ever expected! Secondly, I have now opened an PayPal account for donations. I can guarantee that each dollar you send will go directly to the process of making this book, nothing else. There is no minimum amount, any money that you send would be very helpful and highly appreciated. To donate, just simply click the button below and you will directed to a secure PayPal website. Mostly all currencies will be accepted, to view full list of accepted currencies click here. Donations will continued to be accepted through January 26. To read more about the safeness and donation process of PayPal click here. Thank you! Also, check back on December 28th for a in-detail number of submissions.