May 7, 2021

Review: Lady GaGa Dazzles Belfast, With Racy Show At ‘Odyssey’

Lady Gaga put on a powerful and dynamic performance on Saturday night at the Odyssey ahead of her second date this evening, with her penchant for dressing up in bizarre attire never more appropriate given the time of year.

The audience, or Gaga’s ‘little monsters’ (in her own words), at the packed arena was alive with anticipation long before she came on stage, with the odd fan wearing a tribute to one of her more famous ensembles of past.

Gaga, or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta if your prefer her more cumbersome title, stormed on stage with a new mustard-coloured hairstyle to open with an upbeat number before breaking into Just Dance, which set the crowd alight.

Props such as a car with a piano in the bonnet and a lifelike subway carriage emphasised her New York roots with echoes of Madonna’s Italian American rags-to-riches story.

Gaga’s performance was dazzling and unique, with several increasingly more bizarre costume changes along the way.

It’s clear to see why the woman is a breath of fresh air in the music industry.

At one point she appeared in a giant snowflake piece, but with her eccentricity came passion, as she declared that her concert was for any child who’s ever been bullied because of the way they look.

At some points her commentary in between songs became expletive-ridden, but the audience responded well to it.

A pop sensation Gaga may be, but she was keen to dispel the image of the squeaky-clean female stars of her genre — she’s more Whitney than Britney.

At one point she ripped the head off a doll that she had on stage and stuck it on her middle finger which would have been shocking had any other pop star done it, but you grow to expect these things with Gaga.

The American singer re-affirmed the statement she made at her Dublin show last week by stating that she’s made it to the top without miming once, albeit using a few colourful words to cement her opinion.

To back up her claim she played an incredible version of Speechless on the piano.

Gaga also gave a shout out to her friend Beyonce before performing their recent hit Telephone.

Apart from the magnificent performance, Gaga ensured that she’d won the hearts of her fans by continually thanking them, reminding those that came to see her that it was they that have made her famous.

Her modest comments brought huge cheers from the Odyssey and judging by the reaction of fans after she finished the show with Bad Romance, she’d served her purpose.

Source:/Belfast Telegraph/